Freshly crafted donuts for those with a sweet tooth!

The Uptown Bakery is home of the finest donuts in Bellevue, Nebraska. Our outstanding selection of donuts will satisfy your sweet tooth, leaving you craving for more and more. Our team prepares a unique and delicious variety of donuts that are rich, big and fluffy!

All our donuts are handmade to give them the rich taste they are known for. We make the dough, roll, cut, glaze and sprinkle toppings by hand. We love to improvise and innovate at the Uptown Bakery. Thereby, we have a rotational donut menu, where the old-fashioned popular donuts are always available. However, the seasonal offerings are new, fresh and delicious.

Donuts for all occasions!

If you are looking for gift ideas and don’t know what to take to a loved one’s special occasion, as holiday presents or as giveaways, our donuts are your ultimate choice. Our donuts are savored in minutes making them the best gift for all sweet lovers.

At Uptown Bakery, our aim is to offer the best variety of donuts. Our flavors include Coco Puffs, Cherry Chip, Peppermint Patty, Snickers, Heath, M & M, Oreo, Butterfinger, Kit- Kat and Fruity Pebbles. Moreover, Long Johns and Bismarks have either an angel cream, Bavarian, Apple, Lemon or raspberry filling.

We constantly improve and improvise, ensuring that you get the best tasting donuts in Bellevue. When we say that we deliver perfection, we mean it!