Cakes To Make Your Gender Reveal More Special

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February 16, 2018
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March 3, 2018

Gender reveals are a special occasion, not only for prospective parents but also for their friends and family. Now there can be many ways in which the baby’s gender can be revealed, like through gifts, custom merchandise, piñatas and more. However, a sweeter alternative is through cakes.
You must be wondering, how the suspense of this special occasion could be maintained with a cake. We have a few ideas…

Slicing through the secret
The trick here is to reveal the baby’s gender only after the parents cut out the first slice of the cake. The cake could have a pink or blue colored sponge, hidden under a neutral colored frosting or fondant. It isn’t necessary that your cake should be strawberry, raspberry, cherry or blueberry flavored. It could be a simple vanilla or chocolate cake with food color. Though if you opt for food coloring, be sure that none of your party guests are allergic to the dyes.

Pouring out the information
The idea behind this kind of cake is to fill the cake center with M&Ms, syrup or chocolate, all of which should be in a gender-specific color. The minute a slice of cake is cut out, the yummy delights gush out, thereby revealing the baby’s exact gender.

Exhibiting the clandestine
Cake art is perhaps the simplest way to reveal a baby’s gender. Though it doesn’t hide the secret for long, it does enhance the cake’s aesthetics. Colors are not the only thing you can play with here; you can have elaborate scenes, figures, and patterns made out of different edible materials, placed on top of the cake, to explain your theme better. The sky’s the limit!

Eating away the confusion
A short and sweet message could be left on the cake pad, or even a simple “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl” would even suffice. The only way this message would be revealed is if the guests finish the entire cake.

Twinning the cake
There are many things that can be done if you’re having twins, triplets or quadruplets. If you’re having both genders then you can have a layered cake, marble cake or a checkered sponge, with rainbow frosting or watercolor icing. The color theme, in this case, would feature both gender colors.

These were all the ideas that we came up with for your gender reveal; can you think of a sweeter way to reveal the secret on this special occasion?

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